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IFraming the News Event Trading Service (NETS)

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How to IFrame Autochartist’s News Event Trading Service (NETS) into your website

If you received a URL after September 2022:

During your onboarding process, our onboarding team provided you with a URL. Simply embed this URL in an <IFrame> tag on your website as follows:
<iframe src="url_from_autochartist"></iframe>

If you received a URL before September 2022:

Request authentication

All requests must be authenticated by passing along an MD5 authentication token.The 403 HTTP status code is returned when authentication has failed (due to unauthorized access to a resource).

The following HTTP url parameters are required and should be sent with every request for authentication:
  • broker_id – broker id.
  • user – username.
  • token – the generated token(md5(<username>|<account_type><secret>)).
  • expire – for when a token will expire. A new token will be required to authenticate future requests.

Web Application configuration
The following optional parameters can be provided to configure the web app directly via the URL parameters:
  • locale – adjust display language. Browser language preference will be used if not specified. The following locales are supported:
ar Arabic, de German, es Spanish, fr French, hu Hungarian, it Italian, jp Japanese, ko Korean, pt Portuguese, ru Russain, sv Swedish, zh Chinese

Example URL: /eia?locale=en_GB&timezone=Africa/Johannesburg&css=styles/cyborg.css

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