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Errors with The Autochartist Mobile App

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Generally, we get very few errors when using the Autochartist Mobile app or scanning the QR code.
There are a few things to keep in mind:

Issues when scanning the QR Code:
  • Each QR Code can only be used once
    • If the client has more than one device, they will need to refresh the QR code each time they scan it on a device
  • The QR code is valid for 10 Minutes only, if it expires, you will need to refresh it before scanning
  • If you scan the QR code from the Client Portal, you will have access for 3 Months. After 3 Months you will need to rescan a new QR code
  • If you scan the QR code from within the Autochartist Market Scanner for MetaTrader, you will have access for 30 days from the last time you launched the Autochartist Market Scanner for MetaTrader, so if you continue using the Autochartist Market Scanner, your access to the Autochartist Mobile App will automatically refresh.


Push notification issues
If you are not getting Push Notifications
  • Check that you have enabled Push Notifications in the Autochartist Mobile App and be sure your filters are not set too strict
  • Check that your phone's security settings allow Push Notifications for the Autochartist Mobile App

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