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MetaTrader "Service Error" fix

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When you drag the Autochartist Expert Advisor onto your chart, you get the following error:

Re-installing does not help.
To fix this, open Windows Explorer and go to:
C:\ProgramData\MDIO Software
Find the TerminalPaths.txt file and copy it to your Desktop

In MetaTrader, click on File and select “Open Data Folder”

When the data folder opens, click on the blank space at the end of the address bar to get the actual address:

Highlight the address and select copy:

Double click on the TerminalPath.txt file you saved to your desktop, and it will open in Notepad.
There may be stuff already in there, go to the next line, right click, and select Paste, to paste in the address you copied in the previous step:

Click on File and select save, then close TerminalPaths.txt
Drag the TerminalPaths.txt to the C:\ProgramData\MDIO Software folder, and it will tell you the file exists, select Overwrite:

If it askes for admin access, select allow. Restart your PC and the EA should Work.
Repeat this process for each MetaTrader installation you have that has this issue.

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