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QR Code Login Generation API – Mobile Application

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You can embed the QR Code Image directly into your website by including an <img> tag with the src attribute set to the following:
If the broker has Trading Opportunities only,<brokerid>&account_type=<account_type>&token=<token>&expire=<expiry>&user=<user>
If the broker has Our Favourites<brokerid>&account_type=<account_type>&token=<token>&expire=<expiry>&user=<user>
Parameters are as follows:
<brokerid> – the broker id provided to you in the onboarding pack.
<account_type> – This parameter governs whether this report is slightly delayed or not. Valid values are LIVE or DEMO
<expiry> – Unix timestamp of when this links will expire.
<user> – a userid of the person accessing the link.
<token> – md5([UserID]|[Account Type]|[Expiry][Secret Key]). See this article for details.
  1. The Secret Key component of the <token> parameter is provided to you in your onboarding pack
  2. The QR Code can be scanned from the normal camera, provided the user’s phone has a built in QR scanner, or from inside the Autochartist mobile application, by clicking the “Login using QR Code” button.
  3. The QR code is valid for 10 minutes only, after that the image must be refreshed for a new QR code
  4. The QR code is valid for single use only, after that the image must be refreshed for a new QR code

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