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Supported languages and language codes

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The Autochartist API supports the following languages, along with their associated language codes.
"Natural Language" means that our Natural Language option is available for the listed locale
Market Snapshot ACLite / XML API / Top 5 Email All other products Natural Language Language English Language Local
ar-AE ar_AE ar x Arabic العربية
cs-CZ cs_CZ cs Czech Čeština
da-DK da_DK da Danish Dansk
de-DE de_DE de x German Deutsch
el-GR el_GR el Greek Ελληνικά
en-GB en_GB en x English English
es-ES es_ES es x Spanish Español
fa-IR fa_IR fa x Farsi
fi-FI fi_FI fi Finnish Suomalainen
fr-FR fr_FR fr x French Français
he-IL he_IL he Hebrew עִברִית
hu-HU hu_HU hu Hungarian Magyar
in-ID in_ID in Indonesian Indonesia
it-IT it_IT it x Italian Italiano
ja-JP ja_JP ja Japanese 日本語
ko-KR ko_KR ko Korean 한국어
ms-MY ms_MY ms x Malay Malay
pl-PL pl_PL pl Polish Polskie
pt-PT pt_PT pt Portuguese Português
ro-RO ro_RO ro Romanian Română
ru-RU ru_RU ru x Russian Русский
sk-SK sk_SK sk Slovak Slovenčina
sv-SE sv_SE sv Swedish Svenska
th-TH th_TH th x Thai ไทย
tr_TR tr_TR tr Turkish Türkçe
vi-VN vi_VN vi x Vietnamese Tiếng Việt
zh-TW zh_TW zh_TW x Traditional Chinese 普通话
zh-CN zh-CN zh_CN x Simplified Chinese 简体中文
nl-NL nl-NL nl   Dutch Nederlands

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