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The following table is what we believe to be the most appropriate sequence for a customer journey

Important to note about these videos:
  • The content remains the property of Autochartist
  • The content is free of charge and Autochartist will license the broker to use the content in any way while the broker is an Autochartist customer
  • The broker can top and tail the videos with the broker’s brand and disclaimers
  • The broker may co-brand the actual videos 
  • The Autochartist logo may NOT be removed
  • Autochartist encourages the broker to provide an email to their customers explaining the importance of the content in the short videos that may assist in the understanding and development of their trading approach

SegmentTitlePurposeMessageLengthVideo LinkEnglish script
Demo users, Dormant accountsWhy trade ForexAn introduction to the benefits of trading, Content for the customer journey - demo traders, Specific campaign for dormant accountsTrade yourself, any time that suits you, small amounts, low transactional costs, get in or out of a trade easily, from home, no experience or qualifications necessary4m30sWhy trade ForexScript
Beginner tradersCurrency and PricesContent for the customer journey - tradersWhat are currencies and how are they described, mid points, spreads, news events calendar, pips4m40sCurrency and PricesScript
Beginner tradersOverview of Technical IndicatorsContent for the customer journey - tradersBollinger bands, MACD, Parabolic SAR, RSI, ADX and how to use them in your trading3m40sOverview of Technical IndicatorsScript
Beginner tradersKey LevelsContent for the customer journey - traders – Autochartist referencedThe Importance of horizontal price support and resistance lines6mKey LevelsScript
Beginner tradersChart PatternsContent for the customer journey - traders – Autochartist referencedMarket psychology and price support and resistance lines. Emerging patterns for swing traders. A great starting point for traders.4m30sChart PatternsScript
Beginner tradersTime scalesContent for the customer journey - tradersThe impact of trading long, medium, short term and considerations. Closing positions overnight or over weekends and the importance of Stop Loss and Take Profit2m30sTime scalesScript
Beginner tradersTrading time zonesContent for the customer journey - tradersDifferent currencies are traded in different time zones1mTrading time zonesScript
Beginner tradersTrading psychology & risk managementContent for the customer journey - traders - first lossEmotions, trading rules, the importance of discipline, Stop Loss and Take Profit, Trade sizes and managing risk3m30sTrading psychology & risk managementScript
All tradersWhat is Fundamental AnalysisContent for the customer journey - tradersThe importance of the economic calendar, the important events and the impact of volatility on trading.4mWhat is Fundamental AnalysisScript
All traders interested in mean reversion trading strategiesEmerging PatternsContent for the customer journey - traders – Autochartist referencedSwing trading between the support and resistance levels7mEmerging PatternsScript
Beginner tradersPrice ChartsContent for the customer journey - tradersLine charts for trends, Bar Charts and Candle Charts and how to interpret them2mPrice ChartsScript
More experienced tradersOrder typesContent for the customer journey - tradersMarket Orders, Stop and Limit orders and how these are used in trading2mOrder typesScript
More experienced traders with an interest in the golden ratio in tradingFibonacci PatternsContent for the customer journey - traders – Autochartist referencedThe application of the golden ratio in trading5mFibonacci PatternsScript
All tradersVolatility AnalysisContent for the customer journey - tradersUnderstanding market volatility and how it applies to your trading strategy3m54smVolatility AnalysisScript
All tradersExtreme MovesContent for the customer journey - tradersIdentifying Extreme Movements and understanding how they impact your risk management1m33sExtreme MovementsScript
All tradersConsecutive Candles Content for the customer journey - tradersIdentifying potentialemerging trends or swing opportunities1m26sConsecutive Candles Script
All tradersNews Event Trading Service (NETS)Content for the customer journey - tradersAnalizing News events and how they impact the instruments you are trading2m18sNews Event Trading Service (NETS)Script
All tradersVolatility AlertsContent for the customer journey - tradersDevelop a risk-management strategy by understaning market volatility1m29sVolatility AlertsScript
SEGMENTRisk CalculatorPURPOSEManage your risk by generating risk-adjusted position sizes0Coming soon!Script

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