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Overview of Autochartist integration options

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An overview of integration options of the Autochartist content and where to get started

So your company has licensed Autochartist content and tools. What now? Well, now comes the fun part; integrating Autochartist into different aspects of your business.
Do this part right and your marketing, sales and retention colleagues will love you forever!

The way(s) in which you choose to integrate Autochartist into your business primarily depends on the services your company has subscribed to, along with whether you intend using Autochartist as a tool for your traders, or as a tool for your internal staff for their marketing, sales, customer engagement and retention initiatives. Let’s hope that you have subscribed to the tools that align with your business objectives!

Before you start you should be in possession of an email / other form of communication from our onboarding team that contains details that are specific to your company, for example, BrokerID, SecretKey, and other URLs uniquely configured for you. If you are not in possession of such communication, stop reading and contact immediately.

Ready your staff

While you are finalizing your integration of Autochartist, you may consider sending your staff some educational material regarding our products and tools. Click here for more.

Integrating Autochartist’s Tools for Traders

If you are using Autochartist primarily to provide research and analysis to your traders, then you should consider integrating the following tools:
  • Daily Email Newsletter (“Market Report”) – Our Market Reports provide 3x per day snapshots of the status of the market, along with new and relevant medium-term trading opportunities. Read this article to IFrame the Market Reports into your website. Read this article for information about how to integrate the Market Reports into your CRM / Mass Mailer. Read this article about how to include our pre-built signup form on your website, or subscribing your traders through our Sales Email (discussed below in “Integrating Autochartist for your Marketing, Sales and Retention staff”)
  • Trading Opportunities Web Component – A web component that can be IFramed into your website that provides traders with trading opportunities
  • Our Favorites Web Component – A web component that can be IFramed into your website that provides filtered trades to your customers. The filter is based on historical probability of success.
  • Volatility Analysis Web Component – A web component that can be IFramed into your website that provides traders with information of the expected trading ranges for the financial instruments of their choosing.
  • Risk Calculator Web Component (applicable to OTC instruments only) – A web component that can be IFramed into your website that provides traders with help in setting their position sizes in relation to the amount of risk they are willing to bear on a trade.
  • Trading Platform Plugins – There are a number of trading platform that offer Autochartist as a built-in mechanism. Please ask your trading platform provider, or our support team whether a platform support Autochartist or not. In many cases it is a simple matter of switching on the Autochartist functionality to enable our analysis in your platform. If you use MetaTrader as your platform, then read this article.

Integrating Autochartist for your Marketing, Sales and Retention staff

If your primary purpose for using Autochartist is to increase lead generation, increase demo-to-live conversion, or increase retention, then you should consider the following integrations:
  • Subscribing customer-facing staff members to our daily Sales Conversation email. This email provides a simple-to-understand topics of conversation that your sales and retention staff can use when interacting with customers.
  • Our daily analysts view is a great piece of simply-to-understand content that can be used to generate content on your website (for lead gen), as well as into your CRM package (for client engagement).
  • Our weekly trading research post is a news feed that is directed at sophisticated and systematic traders. Once again, a great piece of content to add to your website on a weekly basis for lead generation purposes, or to send to you high value customers.
  • This article shows you how to automate content posting to social media accounts using our Zapier integration. You can use the same technique to automate almost any process relating to Autochartist content.
  • Providing your marketing staff with access to our SMS/Text tool – allowing them to use Autochartist’s shorter content pieces in their mobile communication.

Custom Integrations

If you are looking to do a highly specialized custom integration, you can choose one of two options:
  • Autochartist’s JSON/XML APIs are a perfect way to get our research and analysis to your traders in whichever way you choose. Ask our support staff for access to the API as well as to our Zapier plugin. Simply email

If at any time you require assistance with integrating Autochartist into your business, email

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