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Integrating Autochartist Market Reports into your CRM / Mass Mailer

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How to integrate Market Report content directly into your CRM package or Mass Mailer

If you choose to distribute your own Market Reports, you will need to either:
  1. integrate the content into a commercially available CRM / Mass Mailer
  2. integrate the content into you own custom email / messaging system

We will discuss both options below:
  1. Integrate Autochartist Market Reports into a commercially available CRM / Mass Mailer
Autochartist has integrations into dozens of mass emails and crm systems, including the most popular in the market such as SalesForce Pardot, SalesForce MarketingCloud, MailChimp, ConstantContact, and many many more. Autochartist support staff can assist you with using one of our pre-built integrations; simply drop us an email to and we’ll do the integration for you.

2. Integrate Autochartist Market Reports into a proprietary CRM / Mass Mailer
Autochartist Market Reports are available in a format that is specifically designed to be used in email systems. You can download the latest report at any time and import that into your proprietary systems in any way you see fit.
Here is the link to use to download the latest report:<brokerid>&rid=<reportid>&demo=<account_type>&token=<token>&expire=<expiry>&locale=<language>&user=<user>&css=<css>

Parameters are as follows:
<brokerid> – the broker id provided to you in the onboarding pack.
<reportid> – the id of the market report you want to embed. There is typically only one such id for a broker, but in some cases you may receive numerous report id’s depending on the number of reports Autochartist generates for you broker.
<account_type> – This parameter governs whether this report is slightly delayed or not. Valid values are LIVE or DEMO.
<expiry>Unix timestamp of when this links will expire.
<locale> – Report display language. Browser language preference will be used if not specified. For example en = English, ru = Russian
<user> – a userid of the person accessing the link.
– md5([UserID]|[Account Type]|[Expiry][Secret Key]). See this article for details.
<css> – a url to a custom css for style adjustment (optional parameter)

  1. The Secret Key component of the <token> parameter is provided to you in your onboarding pack
  2. If you need to send the report to a demo user, we suggest you send the delayed version so as to give the prospect an incentive to open a demo account with your broker. Therefore, it would be advisable to set the <account_type> to DEMO
  3. If you need to send the report to a live account holder, we suggest you set the <account_type> to LIVE
  4. Because you will be responsible for distribution, you can use a generic userid for this content download

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