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Integrating our weekly Trading Research post into your website (RSS Feed)

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Our research team post a weekly article discussion one trading event. These posts can be found in RSS format at the following URL:

These articles are geared at sophisticated traders that are looking to expand their trading knowledge. These articles are mathematical in nature. For a news feed that is targeted at beginner traders, please refer to this article.

Most commercially available Content Management Systems (CMS) such as WordPress, Drupal, etc, and CRM systems have built-in functionality for importing content in RSS format.

For example, this is a link to RSS plugins available for a very popular website platform called WordPress. And here is a link the an RSS aggregator for a website platform called Drupal.
If your website software doesn’t have built-in capability, you should consider using a third-party data transformation tool such as Zapierto perform this task. Below is an image with some examples of the types of actions you could take on this RSS feed:

If you are unsure whether your website software has the ability to consume our RSS feed, or you require some technical assistance performing this task, please email

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