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Subscribing users to receive Market Reports (Email Newsletter)

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How to get traders subscribed to Autochartist Market Reports

If Autochartist is sending daily market reports on your behalf, then there are two ways in which you can get your customers subscribed to receive these reports:
  1. by subscribing users through the Sales Email
  2. by allowing users to subscribe themselves on your website

  1. Manual subscription through the Sales Email:
If you receive the Autochartist Sales Email on a daily basis then click the “Subscribe users to the daily market report” link found at the top of the email. (if you are not currently subscribed to the daily Sales Email, please send a request to
Select the language preference, and time of day you would like your user to receive the email, and click the “subscribe” button.
Important: Please ensure that you only subscribe traders that have expressed interest in receiving this email in order to adhere to new globally accepted privacy policies.

2. Allowing users to subscribe themselves on your website:
As part of the installation pack you received from our onboarding team, you would have received two Market Report Signup component links; one for DEMO subscriptions and one for LIVE subscriptions. Typically these URLs look something like this:

These forms can be included as an IFrame into the appropriate parts of your website. Typically one would add the LIVE link behind a secure section of your website, and the DEMO link open to the public.

    Alternatively, you can embed these forms as Web components.

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