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Trade Now Events On iFrame Components

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Trade Now Button Events On iFrame Components

Trading Opportunities and Our Favourites Web Components

Cross-domain messaging

Trading Opportunities and Our Favourites widgets allow for cross-domain communication between web applications that are loaded in the same browser window.
Typically, dispatched messages will be originating from a widget embedded in an inline frame(iframe).
This cross-domain communication uses JavaScript window.postMessage method.

Dispatched message events

Trading Opportunities Widget

Fired when user clicks on a group tab.
  "type": "group:select",
  "value": {
     "id": "all",
     "name": "all"
Fired when user clicks on a pattern result item table row.
  "type": "item:select",
  "value": {
    "item": {
      "result_type": "ChartPattern",
      "result_uid": 575795548,
      "direction": 1,
      "exchange": "NYSE",
      "symbol": "O",
      "symbol_name": "Realty Income Corp.",
      "symbol_id": 0,
      "interval": 1440,
      "pattern": "Pennant",
      "complete": true,
      "identified": "2016-07-20T14:30:00.000Z",
      "age": 0,
      "length": 9,
      "found": "2016-07-20T07:19:05.189Z"
you can download an example host page below.
In the page, replace the iframeSource with a live Component link to see it working.

Market Report iFrame Component

For the Market Report Component, we can send these parameters in the URL of the Trade Now button:

tradeNowLink + "&locale=" + locale + "&symbol=%s


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